003 APRS: Part 3
AFSK Feld Hell to OOK Circuit
for CW Transmitters
PICAXE Apps: Radio or Not!
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PICAXE Powered CW Beacons
Supplementary Software
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VHF Packet Radio
007 Winlink 2000 (Mar-Apr)
008 Marine AIS (May-Jun)
009 Aviation ADS-B (Jul-Aug)
010 WSPR: Part 1 (Sep-Oct)
011 WSPR: Part 2
ATD Article References & Resources
002 APRS: Part 2
001 APRS: Part 1 (Jan-Feb)
Supplementary Articles
Digital Modes & Programming Related Articles
An Introduction to
Digital Data Modes
I write a digital modes technical column for The Canadian Amateur (TCA) the national publication of Radio Amateurs of Canada (RAC) and will upload supplementary articles and/or software with each column's references and resources, but the full column text is only posted here a year or so after first publication in TCA.
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004 Hellschreiber (Jul-Aug)
005 The PICAXE MCU (Nov-Dec)
with Signalink USB, Paclink,
Amateur Radio Emergency Communications Guidebook
Part 2 - Technical
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The Winlink 2000 Hybrid "Radio-Only" Network
(Email without the Internet)
"An event had happened, upon which it is difficult to speak, and impossible to be silent." Personal web site. Not affiliated with any agency. Copyright 2000-2018 R. C. Mazur, VA3ROM.
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PL259 Solderless Connector How-To
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Wireless Networking in the Developing World
(Everything you need to know about setting up wireless networks (ad hoc, infrastructure or Mesh)!
006 The BASIC Stamp MCU
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Microcontrollers for Ham Radio
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Supplementary Articles
W9RAN Virtual Radar Article
012 The WebSDR (Mar-Apr)
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Arduino and the Radio Amateur
Canadian Amateur Study Guide & Question Bank
Current Article References & Resources
Revised & Reissued Past TCA Columns
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013 BBHN Mesh: Part 1
Software Applications
Part 1-3
014 BBHN Mesh: Part 2
Webmail Access to Paclink
015 BBHN Mesh: Part 3
016 Ardunio: Part Uno (Nov-Dec)
Supplementary Articles
Supplementary Programs
Introduction to Arduino
017 Ardunio: Part Duo
Supplementary Articles
Supplementary Programs
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Supplementary Files
Supplementary Articles
020 SSTV: Part 1 (Sep-Oct)
Supplementary Articles
021 SSTV: Part 2 (Nov-Dec)
Supplementary Articles
Supplementary Programs
027 QRSS CW: Sending Slow
Continuous Wave: Part 1
(Jan-Feb 2017)
Supplementary Articles
018 Ardunio DCR-
SDR: Part 1 (May-Jun)
019 Ardunio DCR-
SDR: Part 1 (Jul-Aug)
(RAC members see corresponding TCA issue for text)
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Analog Devices Inc.
Engineering newsletters (1967 to present)
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022 SSTV: Part 3 (Jan-Feb)
APT Satellites
Supplementary Articles
023 SSTV: Part 4 (Mar-Apr)
APT Satellites & ISS
Supplementary Articles
Supplementary Programs
028 QRSS CW: Sending Slow
Continuous Wave: Part 2
(Mar-Apr 2017)
Supplementary Programs
029 QRSS CW: Sending Slow
Continuous Wave: Part 3
(May-Jun 2017)
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024 Build a 10 MHz External Reference Device: Part 1 (May-Jun)
025 Build a 10 MHz External Reference Device: Part 2 (Jul-Aug)
026 Build an Arduino Analog SDR Control Gadget (Sep-Oct)
Supplementary Programs
030 The Effect of Edison
"The Wizard of Menlo Park": Part 1
(Sep-Oct 2017)
Supplementary Articles
031 The Effect of Edison
"The Wizard of Menlo Park": Part 2
(Nov-Dec 2017)
Supplementary Articles
Supplementary Programs
032 The Great American Solar Eclipse (Jan-Feb 2018)
Supplementary Articles
033 The Pixie 2: Part 1 (Mar-Apr 2018)
Supplementary Articles
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034 The Pixie 2: Part 2 (May-Jun 2018)