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January 14, 2017
Many new links added to the All Things Digital section, so have a look.
If you enjoy reading about the history of technology from the late 1960's to the present, check out the Analog Devices Inc. newsletter Analog Dialogue.While it's written for engineers by engineers, there is "stuff" that even we "mortals" can understand and use in our radio/electronics hobby.

January 7, 2017
Added new link to the KE9NS website in All Things Digital section. Darrin provides awesome support for the older Flex SDR series enahncing the features of PowerSDR. His latest release includes a firmware upgrade to enable 60 metre band transmit for IARU Region 1 users. He adds to PowerSDR every kind of bell and whistle you can think of having!
January 4, 2017
Happy New Year!
Added three new links: one to this page for Crag's Ham Radio Projects Links & the other two for NirSoft & FunCube (AO-73 cubesat) to the All Things Digital page.
I've been receiving & streaming AO-73 telemetry (PSK31 format) to the "warehouse" & will crack the top 100 list of active telemetry contributors in a month or so. I don't do  two-way digital comms because the antenna's preamp isn't a transmit through type, but many are active users, and the "bird" was very popular over the the holidays.
Have an MFJ CobWeb 10-20 metre antenna coming from Gigaparts who had it on sale. I'm really interested in trying it since it is unusual design. But, being the dead of winter, it may be too difficult to put it together outside in sub-zero Celsius temperatures & it's just a tad to large to assemble in the house.
December 29, 2016
Been actively conducting QRSS and WSPR very low power (QRPp) experiments for the past few months. I'm gearing up for the Solar Eclipse QSO Party in August 2017 for the total solar eclipse scheduled to cross the middle of the United States. Check out HamSci for more information.
I have a variety of outdoor antennas, but wanted to try my MFJ magnetic loop tuner indoors. It's setup for 40 metres using 8.5 metres of #8 insulated copper wire (stranded) hung on the north facing wall of my back bedroom, and shaped into a vertical delta loop. A 15-metre length of RG58 feedline runs to the livingroom and my Flex-1500 SDR and quad-core laptop (processing power is a must). While it's not a DX setup and mainly hears U.S. and Canadian stations, I did get several hits from a WSPR Puerto Rican station.
Added my new Jan-Feb TCA column QRSS CW: Part 1 (ATD027) to the All Things Digital section.
December 12, 2016
Added new reissued & revised articles, from my past TCA columns for the year 2015, to the All Things Digital section (ATD018 to ATD021 refers).
Amazing things have been happening in the radio & electronic world & it's getting very hard trying to keep up with everything going on! I'll have to decide if the my columns need to focus on just one specific aspect or area over the next few months.
November 8, 2016
Got to take a break from my regular TCA column because the editor needed room for a special issue. But been busy working on my next column (Jan/Feb). 
August 26, 2016
Added new references & resources to the All Things Digital section for my next TCA column article Build an Arduino  Analog SDR Control Gadget 2 (ATD026).
Here's an excellent, very informatiive & concise Amateur Radio podcast set called "Foundations of Amateur Radio" by Onno Benschop, VK6FLAB: Transcripts for podcasts (usually < 5 mins) are also available. Despite variations in operating rules for different parts of the world, radio basics remain the same.
July 16, 2016
The Georgian Bay ARC hosts an updated online Canadian Amateur Radio Basic Qualifications course. This is ideal for those who can't attend physical classes for whatever reason, and/or don't have a local radio club. Note: You no longer need to learn the Morse code becausee it was dropped, years ago, as a requirement. 
July 3, 2016
Added new QRSS (30 metres) grabber web page to my growing list of 24/7 fully-automatic signal/telemetry collecting pages: QRSS Grabber. The page updates every 10 minutes and shows the last two hours of activity.
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