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17 August 2017
Added my next Sep-Oct TCA column  (ATD030) support files to the All Things Digital section.
Testing new v3 RTL-SDR USB dongle with improvements from earlier versions, including HF receive ability which is very good & better than using a separate upconverter. The ability to turn its built-in 5 VDC bias-T circuit on/off under software control is a major plus over the older v2's.
Added a power splitter to my external horizontal delta loop & feeding my KiwiSDR & RTL-SDR v3 dongle separately with it. Can now receive & live stream four separate WSPR bands (usually 160, 80, 40 and 30 m), one QRSS band (30 m) plus one SSTV band (20 m).
The KiwiSDR is one smoking hot four channel receiver & putting it inside a $3 plastic container prevents frequency jitter caused by ambient air & humidity changes & also offers protection for Kiwi from falling objects, which seem to be "attracted" it! Plans are in the works to release an optional housing for it in the near future. I can see why the Kiwi is selling like hotcakes & nearing 2000 units sold in one year with its hardware & software performance vs. price. 
04 August 2017
New page added just for the upcoming Great American Solar Eclipse on 21 August 2017 geared towards radio hobbyists. Most of us in the Americans will see some portion of the face of Sol covered by Luna & experience various measurable atmospheric, ionopsheric & meteological effects albeit with different intensities.
27 July 2017
Got my new Kiwisdr 4-channel SDR receiver kit up & running. It's one piece of amazing electronics & software.Massdrop usually has price discounts several times a year. Almost plug 'n play installation; the only real issue was routing the Kiwi's GPS patch antenna outside the basement shack so it could "see" the sky.
It's setup so my large horizontal delta loop antenna feeds the Kiwi; two  receiver channels run on two separate dual-core computers: 80/40 & 30/20 metres data modes are monitored, decoded & streamed to their various web servers, but these combinations can be changed (the Kiwi tunes down to down to 10 kHz!) An i7 class quad core processor could easily handle & process all 4 receiver channels & decoding software simultaneously.
You can also check out the KiwiSDR by connecting to the which is a network of KiwiSDR's shared across cyberspace. Awesome, just awesome!
15 July 2017
CG3EXP beacon reception reports can be exchanged for electronic QSLs (two methods) & you can also participate in a new awards program. For details check out the CG3EXP web page. The Canada C3 expedition & beacon program runs until 28 October.
Solar Eclipse QSO Party & requests for data from all radio and astronomy
hobbyists in North America is being solicited. Various projects have been setup, so pick one & have fun when the sun & moon rendezvous on 21 August. See for more.
ISS SSTV transmissions scheduled for 20 July to celebrate 20th anniversary of ARISS. See ARISS web page.
14 June 2017
As part of Canada's 150th birthday celebrations, the Canadian C3 expedition by the MV POLAR SEA (a retired Canadian coast guard light ice breaker & bouy tender) is now on her epic & historic voyage. Over 150 days, the ship is travelling down the lower Great Lakes, St. Lawrence River, up the east coast of Canada, through the famous Northwest Passage (NWP) & back down the west coast to Victoria.
Amateur radio operator Barrie Crampton, VE3BSB, suggested the ship could be outfitted with a WSPR beacon transmitter & tracked by radio enthusiasts using the WSPRnet. This was approved & a WSPR system was installed on the ship (not an easy task!). It has been beaconing on the 20, 30, & 40 metre bands (as CG3EXP) for the past two weeks & thousands of spots have been uploaded to the WSPRnet server.
For more information contact Barrie, VE3BSB, at Also see plus
29 April 2017
Finally able to drive to the post office & get my new "toy", a SOTABeams
WSPRlite QRPp transmitter. Will have more to write about it later, but it's an amazingly powerful electronics work of art, combining software & hardware in a very small package (I was shocked!).