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November 8, 2016
Added new link (on this page) to an excellent radio hobbyist website called "Chat with the Designers". They do a weekly live whiteboard/podcast where listeners can join in on the fun! And there's large library of previous shows going back to 2011.
Got to take a break from my regular TCA column because the editor needed room for a special issue. But been busy working on my next column (Jan/Feb). 
Found a really nifty & free program called "Daanav Auto Web Page Refresh". It has been added under "Websites & Utilities section of the All Things Digital page (page bottom). A great tool when you want to monitor and pull web page updates from one (or more) sites without using a browser.
August 26, 2016
Added new references & resources to the All Things Digital section for my next TCA column article Build an Arduino  Analog SDR Control Gadget 2 (ATD026).
Here's an excellent, very informative & concise Amateur Radio podcast set called "Foundations of Amateur Radio" by Onno Benschop, VK6FLAB: Transcripts for podcasts (usually < 5 mins) are also available. Despite variations in operating rules for different parts of the world, radio basics remain the same.
July 16, 2016
The Georgian Bay ARC hosts an updated online Canadian Amateur Radio Basic Qualifications course. This is ideal for those who can't attend physical classes for whatever reason, and/or don't have a local radio club. Note: You no longer need to learn the Morse code because it was dropped, years ago, as a requirement. 
July 3, 2016
Added new QRSS (30 metres) grabber web page to my growing list of 24/7 fully-automatic signal/telemetry collecting pages: QRSS Grabber. The page updates every 10 minutes and shows the last two hours of activity.
June 28, 2016
Added new references & resources to the All Things Digital section for my next TCA column article Build a 10 MHz External Reference Device Part 2 (ATD025).
May 22, 2016
From W2YG Software: RMS Express now has a 'KISS' mode WL2K packet 'Setup' option to provide a direct route to the packet engine interface (via TCP).This feature can be used for soundcard access using the latest version of the UZ7HO SCM described in UZ7HO-SoundModem-Installation by Dick, W6CCD.

May 06, 2016
Now receiving telemetry from Amateur Radio satellite PSAT (NO-84) on 145.825 MHz (FM mode). PSAT is an APRS/PSK-31 digipeater designed at the U.S. Naval Academy, and will be joined by other such "birds", in the near future. See WB4APR's PSAT info page for more. Telemetry received by ground stations is uploaded to the findU PSAT page (mine is listed under "VA3ROM"). Currently, the APRS digipeater is off.
April 30, 2016
Added new references & resources to the All Things Digital section for my next TCA column article Build a 10 MHz External Reference Device Part 1 (ATD024).
April 26, 2016
Finished setting up my second RTL-SDR dongle and laptop. Now now I'm porting the  ISS digipeated APRS packets (145.825 MHz, FM) as a satellite gateway (SGATE) to the APRS-IS and ARISS using UISS, and the FUNcube (AO-73) BPSK flight telemetry (145.935 MHz, USB) to the FUNcube Warehouse. Both datasets are uploaded using my amateur radio callsign "VA3ROM", but non-hams and other groups can also contribute and upload data by using an alias.
One 2 m "reactive turnstile" antenna with LNA (powered by a bias-T) is connected with 15 m of RG-6 to another LNA (powered directly) then to a signal splitter. One output is for the ISS/AO-73 "birds" feeding one RTL-SDR dongle and laptop, the second for the NOAA APT and Meteor LRPT weather satellites feeding another RTL-SDR dongle and laptop.
Everything is powered though a battery backup UPS for 24/7, fully automatic operation, using Startup Delayer to handle program reloading after unexpected shutdowns or reboots happen.
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