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02 July 2018
Added support files for my next/new ATD column article (ATD035) to the All Things Digital section.
12 June 2018
Added next set of revised & reissued releases of my year 2017 QRSS CW articles (ATD027, 028 & 029) to the All Things Digital section.
The HamSci group has released its first peer reviewed published paper on the results of the August 2017 total solar eclipse across America using various Amateur Radio data modes to create an ionospheric model before, during & after the eclipse.
RTL-SDR users check out the new free "Calico CAT" SDR# plugin created by "Tag" Loomis, N0TTL. It emulates the Kenwood TS-2000 transceiver & allows you to use third-party programs such as WJST-X et al to control your RTL-SDR.
Tag also created the new free "GridTracker" program that interfaces with WJST-X & various contest logger programs, QRZ, the WSPRnet & PSKReporter.
Problems with the NOAA-15 APT weather satellite were remotely fixed by NOAA ground control (amazing!). On 13 May the "grand old lady" turned 20 years young! She has completed over 100,000 sun-synchronous orbits, every 101 minutes, flying about 830 km above the Earth. Not too bad for an "obsolete" analog bird that only had a planned five year mission duration!
28 April 2018
Added my May-Jun TCA column  (ATD034) support files to the All Things Digital section.
If you have a spare computer kicking around the shack with idle down time, you can put it to use to help various scientific projects (SETI being the most famous). Berkley University has a free program called "BOINC" you can check out. My laptop is crunching data for the Einstein@Home group which is searching for gravity wave emissions from compact spinning objects (such as pulsars). Einstein predicted them over 100 years ago, but gravity waves were only observed & confirmed in 2015 (Scientific American). Now, is there a "graviton" particle to go with the gravity wave or not?
20 April 2018
NOAA-15, the "grand old lady" of APT weather satellites, is showing signs that her nearly 20 years (in May) of 24/7 continous scanning of the earth's surface from low earth orbit, is nearing the end. Built for a five year mission, she has exceed all expectations & then some. NOAA believes a scanning motor is having lubrication problems & is working on the problem to see if it can be remotely corrected. We still have its younger "siblings" (NOAA-18 & NOAA-19) so the loss of one is acceptable. In the early part of this century, NOAA predicted that by year 2015 only one analog APT "bird" would still be operating, but no one seems to have told "them" about this!
26 February 2018
Added my Mar-Apr 2018 TCA column  (ATD033) support files to the All Things Digital section. I've started a series of Pixie 2 QRPp transceiver related articles. Just how low in price can the Chinese Pixie kits get? Less than 3 USD for my latest online search.
03 January 2018
Got me a new old refurb (2010) Intel I7 with 16 GB RAM for Xmas & dumped the preloaded & just horrid W10 for W7. After putting up with that monstrosity for 18 months (only Millenium was worse, but just), I had had enough. Forgot just how good, solid, reliable & a real pleasure to use W7 was/is & all my perfectly fine older software & hardware which W10 wouldn't support runs just fine, once again. The I7 allowed me to take all the programs & hardware spread across 3 dual core computers & mash it all together on the one desktop with lots of horsepower to spare. Even an old I7 can "smoke" a modern I5 in cost & performance.
UIVIEW was also dumped & I setup an Arduino Uno based APRS I-Gate using an Ethernet shield, plus Argent Data APRS/packet radio & Adafruit LCD shields. All the parts had been collecting dust for a few years & since I was rebuilding the main system, why not learn a bit about networking a Duino, too? The only issue was fixing some minor source code bugs. The gadget plugs into the station router & connects to the APRS-IS. APRS audio is received from an FT8900 (AF out) which monitors 144.390 MHz 24/7.
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