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24 April 2021
Added material for my next TCA column "Tinker Tailor Circuit CAD..." (RM049) to the Radio Magic page.
18 April 2021
Added the 1901 wireless diary of George Kemp to the Radio Magic page. Kemp was Guglielmo Marconi's "man Friday", electrical engineer, big brother & "mother hen". He was at Guglielmo's side from 1897 to the early 1930's (Kemp's death). Kemp was a diarist & had his decades of handwritten diaries typed & bound for the Marconi WIreless Company archives.
His first person account of the events of 1901 leading up to that fateful December 12th day on Signal Hill, Newfoundland is a must read for any radio historian. The reception of the first transatlantic Morse code "S" signals transmitted from Poldhu, England was never a sure thing & likely never happened. It was likely auditory pareidolia brought on by physical & mental stress combined with "listener fatique", but Kemp loved Guglielmo like a son & he would have never destroyed him & his company by not hearing the same "S" signals Marconi said he heard "clearly & distinctly". The other company engineer there that day, Percy Paget, only heard noise when he listened on the earpiece. 
No third party witnesses were present in the ersatz radio shack & no reporters or government officials were allowed access to the site until after Marconi issued the pubic press release of his claimed fait accompli. Even the famous serious of Signal Hill pictures, by renowned Newfoundland photographer James Vey, were carefully staged by Marconi & shot after the fact.
15 April 2021
Added my reedited past article "ISM Band HiFER Beacons: Part 1" (RM046) plus supplement to the Radio Magic page.
A new Past Articles Archive page was created for my older TCA articles & to keep the Radio Magic page to a  manageable size with current material.
10 April 2021
Added my reedited past article "The OPEN-SMART Rich Shield" (RM045) plus supplement to the Radio Magic page
15 March 2021
Added updated VLF beacon information to my Live VLF SID Monitor page (graphic near the bottom). Ken Sejkora, WB0OVC, suggested adding the Great Circle Route & longitudinal time offset information from my location to each of the US Navy VLF transmitters I was receiving & plotting. He was even kind enough to do all the calcuations for me! TUVM, Ken!
27 February 2021
Added material for my next TCA column "ISM Band HiFER Beacons: Part 3" (RM048) to the Radio Magic page.
My sub-5 mW, 22m ISM telemetry beacon "ROM" has been chugging along nicely. Maximum reception range has been to the left coast of Canada. Just waiting for solar cycle 25 to kick into high gear & carry the signal over to Hawaii then perhaps Japan by this summer. 
With the ongoing "World War COVID", along with multiple lockdowns, I've had a lot of time to kill at home (haven't we all?), so I've been busy building & playing with a backlog of electronic kits & doing various experiments that I've been putting off for a "rainy day" or two. I just didn't expect to have had more than 365 continous rainy days & still counting!
There's been more time to catch up on my reading of umpteen online ezines & blogs such as the 74! The Knights QRSS Newsletter, The SWLing Post, QRP Labs,plus various paper periodicals. There's still something about the tactile feel of flipping through paper books, magazines & newspapers while you while away the time in the "throne room", eh?
Also been tinkering with Tinkercad, namely the "Circuits" module for designing virtual analog & digital electronic circuits then running simulations & watching the results. While radio frequency (RF) designs aren't possible - yet - you can still do plenty with audio frequency (AF) filters & even design & build fairly complex integrated circuit (IC) circuits.
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