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30 August 2021
Added material for my next TCA column "Antenna Tales..." (RM051) to the Radio Magic page.
02 July 2021
Added material for my next TCA column "In the Year 2012..." (RM050) to the Radio Magic page.
Got my 2nd COVID-19 shot & now just have to wait until mid-month when I'll be fully immunized. But actual efficacy (95% for the mRNA Moderna & Pfizer vaccines) is only true if a large percentage of the people (the "herd") around you are vaccinated. Overall efficacy drops as herd vaccination percentages drop. Vaccines protect not only you but those around you, and vice versa.
Without vaccines or antiviral drugs, the Spanish flu pandemic (1918-1920) infected a third of the world & killed 20 million people (a low estimate) before natural herd immunity stopped it. Without a vaccine, we couldn't have kept "robbing Peter to pay Paul" & we would have had to "pay the piper" & let COVID-19 take an even more horrible cull on the world's population & then hope that this would get us to natural herd immunity in a few years & not mutate into something much more worse along the way.
30 May 2021
Check out HamSCI's new experiment using various time & other radio signals to study effects of this June's solar annular eclipse. Almost any frequency stable radio with upper sideband capability will work albeit a GPS locked radio increases accuracy of frequency measurements.Normal diurnal, seasonal & intense solar radiation storms are factors, too, so it's best to setup in advance to record several days worth of data before & after the eclipse.
It's a great way to do real Amateur Radio science & data collected by groups, hobbyists & students can be sent to HamSCI for analysis, which results in a published scientific paper.
20 May 2021
Added my reedited past article "ISM Band HiFER Beacons: Part 2" (RM047) plus supplement to the Radio Magic page.
Got my first COVID-19 shot a couple of days ago (Moderna). Had been scheduled for the AstraZeneca vaccine but the goverment decided that it wasn't so safe anymore (rare blood clots et al)  even though Canadians where told to take it because COVID was worse! Another flip-flop causing even more confusion & vaccine hesitancy in Canada. After over a year, you'd figure we'd be getting better at managing things?
Whatever we're doing (or not doing) is clearly not working on this side of the boder & we now have a higher per capita COVID-19 infection rate than the U.S., which is the total opposite of what it was the start of 2021!
24 April 2021
Added material for my next TCA column "Tinker Tailor Circuit CAD..." (RM049) to the Radio Magic page.
18 April 2021
Added the 1901 wireless diary of George Kemp to the Radio Magic page. Kemp, a retired British Royal Navy electrical engineer, was Guglielmo Marconi's "man Friday". He was at Guglielmo's side from 1897 to the early 1930's (Kemp's death). Kemp was a diarist & had his decades of handwritten diaries typed & bound for the Marconi Wireless Company archives.
His first person & very detailed account of the events of 1901 leading up to that fateful December 12th day on Signal Hill, Newfoundland, is a must read for any radio historian. The reception of the first transatlantic spark gap Morse code "S" signals transmitted from Poldhu, England was never a sure thing & probably never actually happened. It was likely the result of auditory pareidolia brought on by physical & mental stress combined with "listener fatique", but Kemp loved Guglielmo like a son & he would have never destroyed him & his company by not hearing the same "S" signals that Marconi said he heard "clearly & distinctly". However, the other company engineer there that day, Percy Paget, only heard noise when he listened on the Bell telephone earpiece. 
No third party witnesses were present in the ersatz radio shack & no reporters or government officials were allowed access to the site until after Marconi issued the pubic press release of his claimed fait accompli. Even the famous serious of Signal Hill pictures, taken by renowned Newfoundland photographer James Vey, were carefully staged by Marconi & shot after the fact.
15 April 2021
Added my reedited past article "ISM Band HiFER Beacons: Part 1" (RM046) plus supplement to the Radio Magic page.
A new Past Articles Archive page was created for my older TCA articles & to keep the Radio Magic page to a  manageable size with current material.
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