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August 14, 2019
Added another re-editted past TCA column "How do you solve a 'problem' like FT8?" to the All Things Digital page & this completes all previously puublished 2018 columns.
August 11, 2019
Finally had some time to re-edit & release a set of my past TCA columns: "The Pixie 2", parts 1 and 2 & "The Cricket". See the All Things Digital page.
Also added two new links to NASA's INSPIRE project & the SARA websites to my All Things Digital page. Both have interesting ionopshere studies using VLF (very low frequency) receivers for students of all ages. One is designed for portable field work & the other for fixed use with a computer.
June 28, 2019
Added a simple & inexpensive 80 m band quarter-wave wire sloper down to the bottom of my base loaded homemade vertical. The high end is only 6 m AGL with two (shared with the vertical) 15 m slightly elevated radials running north to south in line with & under the sloper. It has performed very well in all directions using FT8 & even picked up a few DX stations. Slopers are a great alternative if you don't have room for full-sized dipoles, and it even improved the VSWR for the vertical antenna a tad.
Added support files for my latest TCA ATD040 column "JS8 Calling: Part 2" to the All Things Digital page.
June 23, 2019
Added an interesting paper called "A Citzen Science Network for Measurements of Atmospheric Ionizaing Radiation Levels" to the All Things Digital page. During periods of solar minima old Sol isn't as effective in "shooing" away any incoming highly energized galactic cosmic rays from penetrating deeper down through the Earth's magnetosphere & reaching closer to the surface. People living at high altitudes, frequency high flyers, and those living in specific parts of the world are irradiate with higher levels of radiation. Its also believed that weather & climate can be affected during prolonged periods of solar minimas as a result of intense cosmic ray irradiation of the upper atomosphere (stratosphere).
April 28 2019
Added support files for my latest TCA ATD039 column called "JS8 Calling: Part 1" to the All Things Digital Page page.
April 7 2019
Added new link (midway down this page) to Hamwaves, which has some excellent propagation information at a glance & other useful tools & links.
30 March 2019
Added new link (midway down this page) to Dr. Tamitha Skov's Space Weather Woman solar forecast website. She makes the science very easy to understand for those of use without doctorates in astrophysics!
The rapid & amazing development of JS8Call continues! Jordan, KN4CRD has plans for a separate JS8Call database webserver similar to the WSPRNet with added messaging & propagation features.
23 February 2019
Added support files for my latest ATD038 column called "Amateur Radio Science 102" to the All Things Digital page.
31 January 2019
Finally got around to installing & trying the newest digital data mode JS8Call by Jordan Sherer, KN4CRD. I must say that it's quite a change from the rather frantic or hectic paced FT8 computer-to-computer "contacts"of basic station data, as compared to conversing with another person. The novelty of FT8 wore off quickly for me so it's nice to have a new digital data weak-signal mode that combines aspects of packet radio, APRS, FT8 & say Olivia for keyboarding. Well done, Jordan!
26 January 2019
Added newly revised column articles & their support files for ATD030, ATD031 ("The Effect of Edison - parts 1 & 2, & ATD032 "The Great American Solar Eclipse" to the All Things Digital page. I left ATD032 in its originally published TCA form becase the article & layout turned out so well that I can't improve upon it.
12 December 2018
Added support files for my latest ATD037 column called Amateur Radio Science 101 to the All Things Digital page.
The version 2 release of WSJT-X software is online (as of 10 Dec) & all users are requested to immediately update any older versions of the program because of the significant changes made to it rendering older versions incompatible for some data modes (FT8 especially).
I received a very nice email from Andrea & her daughter Skylar. Skylar is very interested in Amateur Radio & has been using information from my website. Skylar sent me this link as a "thank you" link: Telecommunications Timeline.
Added new link on this page to the awesome SpaceWeatherLive solar and aurora information website. It has both real-time solar/aurora and archived historical data of the same.
05 October 2018
Added new link to Guy, ON6MU's fantastic UISS program to theAll Things Digital page.